Modern Life in Hungary

let's start with kitchens!


             very basic kitchen         remodeled  #1                #2                      #3

typical kitchen

new apartment kitchen

older type kitchen

They do have different sizes and types of refrigerators here, but most people still live in places with tiny kitchens and this is the type of refrigerator most commonly seen here. (we ourselves have a bit bigger kind with a separate freezer compartment)


houses and other buildings in western Hungary

we lived in this place,
  called a "rowhouse"

This house belonged to Józsi's grandparents & parents

First house we lived in,  just around the corner from his mom's house


Béla Bartók grammar school (Józsi went here)

apartments going up ..(plane spraying for mosquitoes)

Mosoni Templom 
near the rowhouse
(copper dome!)


Jer in front of a local bakery-convenience shop

 a "Pogiház" - pogi is slang for pogácsa, a kind of pastry

pub by our house commonly known as the "Corpse Washer"


traditional village house

1950s-60s village house

village "visiting"


old fashioned room

older kitchen but new appliances

archway in village of Levél

old mill in Mosonmagyaróvár, looks like a jigsaw puzzle subject!

old mill street... castle is behind end house

old factory at edge of town, used as Nazi slave labor factory in WW2


bar in town, note all the bicycles!

street close to  hospital   in May

 renewed Hotel Minerva in town