Bike Ride Through the Fields to


This week Józsi had Monday off. This was because he'd had to work the previous day due to elections, which expect a stepped up police presence. Monday was a very warm and sunny day with not much wind, so we decided to take the back road through the farm fields between our village and the neighboring village of Lébény, 1 kilometer away, and return by the bicycle path next to the main road. It was a lovely afternoon ride!





Left, Jer riding on the lane leading to the very edge of the village where there are farm fields and "press houses"; Center, shot taken from the very end of the lane. You can see the village of Lébény in the distance, and the route we took starts by turning to the right on this farm track and making a route through the farm fields; Right, along the road we found this old cow skull. We didn't take it with us on this day, but we returned some days later to get it as Józsi decided he wanted to try to make a Halloween decoration with it.





Left, around the corner from where we found the skull and past all the press houses... we had to ride down the hill and around to the road going to the left behind the distant trees;. Center, a shot taken along the road behind those trees, with some of the houses at the edge of Lébény in the distance; Right, a shot taken just at the edge of Lébény, looking back towards our village of Mosonszentmiklós.





Left, we took the road at the very edge of Lébény and one house had these bales of straw in the lot next door. Many of the houses on this street are the homes of farmers of the nearby fields; Center, back on the bike path along the main road between the villages... this shot is looking back towards Lébény; Right, Józsi taking a shot towards our village. We didn't see many cars on this afternoon, but we did see horses pulling a farm cart.



This is a shot taken from the bike path looking towards the press houses and the farm road we had taken earlier. On the way over we were traveling back where the distant building are. The distance between the villages where the bike path and main road are is 1 kilometer, but of course it's much further taking the farm track!