Vintage Car Convention


Saturday May 10, 2015 Józsi attended a vintage car con in his hometown of Mosonmagyaróvár.



The car show started about 8 in the morning, and there were a lot of cool old cars.




Left, it was a nice day and the car show drew a good crowd; Right, very cool old 3 wheeled Czechoslovakian cars called the Velorex. (these old cars have leather in stead of metal exterior!) You can read about them HERE.




Left, a Skoda 100. The Skoda 100 and Skoda 110 were two variations of a rear-engined, rear-wheel drive compact car that was produced by the Czechoslovakian automaker AZNP in Mladá Bolesvla from 1969-1977; Right, a Polski Fiat... what Jer and Józsi always refer to as a "Lawnmower Car" because their engine sounds like a lawnmower instead of a car! These cars were made in imitation of the Italian Fiat and were produced in Poland from 1968-1990.




Left, on the left is a vintage Jaguar (isn't it beautiful?!) and next to it is a 1980s Mercedes; Right, a vintage French Renault CV4, produced from 1947-1961.




Left, old agricultural use engines, used to power many kinds of things. Józsi remembers these kinds of engines being hooked onto tractors and going around to people's places to cut up their firewood. They ran on diesel fuel, and because they were basic and heavy duty they could even run on vegetable oil, which is what the engine at the back is doing in this photo; Right, is an old Soviet Ukranian car called the Zaporozhets in English. This was designed to be a very basic common man's car, similar to the VW Beetle and the East German Trabant.




Left, a vintage Mercedes; Right, an old Fiat 600. (produced in Italy from 1955-1969)




Left, the three little pastel cars are vintage East German Trabant 500s. (the orange and white one is owned by one of Józsi's friends from work) The big white car next to them is an old Opel Olympia Rekord which was a two-door family car which was made from 1953-1957; Right, another Trabant... the Trabant 601, the second generation of 2 stroke Trabants.




Left, a Fiat 850. These were produced between 1964-1973; Right, a Volkswagen Beetle with a spiffy paint job.




Left and right, a couple of old Ladas all fixed up for racing. Ladas are quite popular in this region of Europe for mainly rally racing, but sometimes even for drag racing. Kind of hard to imagine that our old cow spotted (with primer) Lada is almost the same series as the blue one pictured!




Left, this is the station wagon version of  the first generation Lada. You don't see these nearly as much as the regular Lada sedan; Right, a couple of very nice vintage Citroens. The one on the left is one of Jer's favorite cars... the Citroen 2CV also known as The Duck!


This is a vintage Soviet era bus called the Ikarus55. It's engine is at the back and sticks out, which is why it always had the nickname The Bus With a Butt. They took people on rides around town on it for a small fee, and it was quite a popular attraction!