Pálinkaház Trip (Tárnokréti)


On October 7, 2015 we made a trip to the nearby village of Tárnokréti to pick up our palinka from the Réti Pálinkaház. It was a nice day in spite of the on again/off again clouds so we stopped to take photos of various scenes along the road as well.




Left, the pálinkaház. The two white barrels at the bottom right are ours; Right, the machinery inside the palinkahaz. This room always is very warm and smells very fruity.




Left, the guest house connected with the páalinkaház and the outdoor guest kitchen and pool; Right, the outdoor guest kitchen. It has tables and various ways to cook food including an old fashioned wood burning oven.




Left, a view towards the front of the guest house part; On the way back we stopped to check out the river just outside the village and spotted this plant in flower.




Left, a view from the bridge. As you can see, this area is managed by the Hungarian version of a conservation department; Right, we passed quite a few fields full of bales of hay. The plants in the foreground are reed, a plant formerly used for various things including thatch for roofs.




Left, the sign showing that this is protected wildlife area; Right, the road leading into the field where the hay bales were. It was really quiet out there, with hardly any traffic on the road.




Left, further down the road there is an old barn being restored with a common sight here in Hungary standing next to it... a monument with Jesus on the cross, with INRI above the head. These can be either for general traveling mercies (usually those are larger sized) or in remembrance of people who died on the road in a particular spot. We don't know which this one is; Right, the barn itself, as you can see it's had a new roof.




Left, the barn's side view. Behind it were lots of stack of various old building materials; Right, almost back to our village... this is the village next to ours. The building on the corner is a grocery store, and across the street from it is another grocery store where we do our weekly shopping.





Left, we love this little ice cream place in the nearby village and hadn't stopped there for ages, so on the way home we stopped in for some ice cream cones; Center, a detail of some of the many fancy bricks next to the serving area; Right, a very nice older German speaking man was there eating ice cream with these three lovely and very well behaved beige greyhounds.