Village Sausage Contest, 2016


Photos taken on Saturday, April 23, 2016 at the third annual village pig slaughter and sausage making contest here in our village, at a pub just a block up the street from our house. This is the traditional way our ancestors got food from their animals and this is much more humanely done than it is in a factory setting. The sausage making contest had 8 different teams competing and quite a decent crowd watching and eating and a good time was had by all!





Left, the pig. (photo taken by our mayor and borrowed with his permission); Center, we had things to do at home so we didn't go until close to noon when the butchering was done and they were preparing to hand out the meat to the teams; Center, Józsi checking out the tent they set up on the street to hold the event. (as this pub was too small to hold that big a crowd); Right, cutting up the meat into pieces to be measured and handed out to the teams.





Left, measuring out the meat each team received; Center, meat in tubs awaiting being mixed and given to the teams; Right, one of the teams.




Three of the teams.





Left, our mayor Csaba taking info from one of the teams; Center, one person putting in the meat and the other person grinding it; Right, another team setting up to start grinding their sausage meat.





Left, another team; Center, Ernö (Ernie) the pig farmer of our village grinding offal; Right, one of the teams starting to fry up their sausage. The ones we had came from this team.





Left,  being a village, most people walked or came by bicycle but these two men (who we often see out and about while we're biking) came on their mobility scooters and just watched the goings on from the shade; While waiting for the sausages to cook some of the women and girls took advantage of some cosmetics sales women who were painting fingernails for free; Right, more sausages cooking.




Left,  some people starting to be served and this friendly and funny older lady (who lives across the street from where the tent was set up) was encouraging us to go get some sausages; Right, we got some sausages and found they were so hot they were melting the forks so Jer just speared hers with the knife and ate it that way!







 These are photos taken with various teams.




Left, the three top team leaders along with the judges; Right, time to get past all these bikes and walk the 6 houses down the street to our house. What a fun day!