The villages of

Ásványráró and Mecsér

On Saturday, April 13, 2013 we made a trip to the gunsmith in the nearby village of Ásványráró, also passing through the village of Mecsér. Józsi had finished the carving of a gun butt that he was doing for someone and it needed to go next to the gunsmith, so we decided that this would be our first village trip to record.





Left, the gunsmith's bench in his main work area; Center, the gun butt with most of the metal parts put back; Right, view from the other end. It came out very well and everyone was pleased with it.




Left, Józsi checking out the gun at the bench; Right, the gunsmith and Józsi.




Ásványráró is built next to one of the side meanderings of the main river Danube (Duna, in Hungarian) and this is a turning of the little Duna taken from the levee at Ásványráró;. Left, the river coming into the turn, and Right, passing by to the right along its way to rejoin the main Danube about a mile away.




Left, another view of that turning of the Duna; Center, next to the levee there was a stork in the field. The inset is the same stork, just magnified; Right, the storks nest at the end of the gunsmith's street.



Left, the school in Ásványráró; Right, the roundabout in the center of Ásványráró, where one of their temploms (Roman Catholic churches) is located.





Left, the other templom in Ásványráró ; Center, next to Ásványráró  is this "Calvary" monument built next to a very old black poplar tree; Right, Jer taking a close up photo of the Calvary.




Left, the center cross with a figure of Christ inside the Calvary; Center, the huge old black poplar next to the Calvary; Right, Jer standing next to this huge old tree so you can see how big it actually is!





Left, on the way home we neared the village of Mecsér and had to wait for a car to cross this one lane bridge over the Mosoni Duna river (which was very high); Center, in the middle of Mecsér we saw this century old firefighting coach; Right the templom in the village of Mecsér.