Village Firefighter Trials, 2015


Photos taken at the annual Firefighter Trials hosted by our village of Mosonszentmiklós. Due to the very hot temperatures, there were a lot fewer teams that showed up than usual but there were still teams from a number of villages in our region and some friends and family there to cheer them on. There were teams of firefighters, two women's teams (including the one from our village), and several youthful teams. In spite of the hot day and lower turnout, it was a great success and with plenty of sprinklers, fire hoses and other water related things it was a lot of fun for everyone! This was a long day with a lot of activities and these are only a few of the things that we saw, but you can get the idea. Be sure to check out the video we made as well!


To see the video we made about this event, click HERE!




Left, before the events started, there was a meeting with all the various team chiefs; Right, all the teams at the starting ceremony. Fewer than usual (we guessed because of the heat) but the ones who attended were an energetic bunch!





Left, our mayor speaking at the opening ceremony; Center, one of our local fire department speaking; Right, most of the teams that came from nearby villages came in one of their firetrucks.





Left,  as is true with all events here, if people live close enough to ride a bike, most of them probably will. (we also rode our bikes); Center, our friend who owns the local restaurant/bar and who does the concessions also brought his trampoline and bouncy castle for kids to play on; Right, the concession stand was busy all day. They also brought a freezer to sell ice cream and of course, sloshies. (it was a big seller!)





Left, our friend Szilárd also brought his hot dog machine, which did good business; Center, a close up of the sign; Right, someone also was selling popcorn and cotton candy.




Left, our village's male team for the truck pulling event; Right, another team doing the same event.



The female team from our village pulling the truck.




Left, our female team doing the event of holding up a fire extinguisher the longest; Right, our male team doing the same event.





Various teams participating in the event where they have to walk in a synchronized step in order to move across the field without falling down. (there are always some who fall even multiple times, which is always fun to watch!)




Left, our female team preparing to walk down the field and back. (which they did without anyone falling) and Right, the other female team, which fell down many times. Not fun for them, but they were a hoot to watch!






These photos are all part of the obstacle course event, as Jer saw them from one part of the course where one of our young firefighters was taking part. The thing they had to crawl through has linoleum on the bottom and you can imagine it was a bit hot, so people crawled through as fast as they could. At this time the sprinklers were turned on again on the soccer field, as they did a number of times during the day so people could cool off.






At the end came the water tossing event. (Where each team trying to toss as much water  through the window and into the barrel behind it as possible.) On the far right you can see the measuring gadget they came up with this year for accurate measuring. It's a water meter fitted on a spout under a funnel. We had taken so many photos and videos during the day that both of our phones were either full or had low battery, so the final videos were taken by Józsi using Jer's tablet. (She had brought it just in case we ran short, which we did!)





Left, throughout the day, and during the final event firefighters we spraying each other and sometimes other people with fire hoses. In the very hot temperatures, nobody was minding the odd spray. (and mostly the fire fighters were just aiming at each other); Center, the vat holding the water for the people to fill buckets from in the water toss event became a place where people were grabbing other people and putting them in the water. By the end, even Józsi had let the firefighters carry him out from the tent where were sitting and out to be tossed into the water. He was glad to have a chance to get cool; Right, Józsi taking a photo of the goings on, taken by our mayor Csaba Bedo.




Left, our mayor, after he had changed to a red shirt to match the fire fighters; Right, the very cool trophies that were made for this year's event. We are sure these were made by the same person/company that made the new cemetery fence, and we loved the little fire fighter man and his ladder in the center. What a great day!