Train Trip to nearby Gyor and Its Annual

Christmas Market


On Friday, December 12, 2014 we took the train to the nearby city of Gyor to check out the annual Christmas Market. (and to eat at the newly opened Kentucky Fried Chicken at the ÁRKÁD Mall. What a fun day we had!





Left,  Waiting for the train, it was sunny but there was still a cold wind which was messing with Jer's stopped up head and watery eyes, Center, out of the wind Jer was able to summon a smile; Right, after having taken the bus that the schedule on the internet told us was good we realized that the info was bad so we got off the bus and walked back to not far from where we started. (and where we knew where we were). This photo was taken as we got back to the bridge.




Left,  Jer walking over the bridge, Right, back into the old section of Gyor, this is the Trinity Statue.





Left, we walked to the ÁRKÁD Mall and while looking around for the KFC we passed this Santa train; Center, looking upwards from the Santa Train. The second floor in view is the food court; Right, we finally found the KFC and Jer was a happy camper. It had been many years since she had eaten at KFC. (the chicken was not exactly the same, but her favorite cole slaw was just as she remembered from back in the USA)





Left, our bucket of chicken, dip and French fries; Center, walking back towards the town square; Right, finally reaching the town square.



Józsi took this panoramic shot of one side of the square.





Left, the huge tree and Advent wreath on the Gyor town square. They also have a light show on weekends; Center, the Santa and pair of reindeer with a family getting photos; Right, the reindeer look a bit... bored.





Left, Jer taking a turn sitting with Santa and  because Santa had vacant and somewhat depressed looking stare, she smiled to cover for him; Center, Jer trying to match Santa with the same vacant, depressed stare; Right, the Nativity at the Gyor town square.





Left, two stalls at the town square... A cheese stall on the right, and a mangalica pig meat related (sausage and other stuff) on the left. The mangalica is an old breed of pig directly descended from wild boar populations. (and their meat is very fatty) If you're interested, you can find out more about them via a google search; Center, some textile stalls, Right, there was a stall selling lots of ethnic replica from Hungary's past.


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