The village of



On Friday August 9 (2013) we made our monthly shopping trip into the city of Mosonmagyaróvár, and on the trip home we decided to stop and take a few photos at the  village of Károlyháza (translates to Karl's house) This village is between town and our village, about 1 km from the highway and on the train line.




Left, the train tracks looking towards the city of Mosonmagyaróvár; Right, looking the opposite direction, going towards our village and the city of Gyor.




Left, an old abondoned building next to the train tracks that once would have held the person responsible for manually maintaining the train crossing; Right, a vehicle coming out from parking lot of the pub across the tracks onto the street that goes out to the highway. On that side of the tracks are some light industrial buildings and a rooming house for workers, a pub, and a soccer field.




Left, this is a hand carved memorial marker commemorating the granting of status as a single village to Károlyháza. (it used to be connected with the nearby village of Kimle) We noticed that the carving looked familiar and upon closer inspection we realized that it was carved by Józsi's dad! (the little cross mark at the bottom right is his mark for a star, his signature)




Left, a bench near the memorial. Behind it you can see the bottoms of two signs out at the road; Right, the two signs. One is something carved by someone else (not his dad) and the other is a map of the layout of the village.




Left, a large concrete soviet era agricultural co-op farm building across the street from the memorial. The outbuildings (barns and such) behind it are still being used, but the building itself apparently is not; Right, a view from the front.


This farm field is across the street from the memorial and the train crossing is just out of sight at the right. The buildings in the distance are some modern agricultural buildings.


Along the road leading from the highway to Károlyháza there were a number of stacks of freshly baled straw and we stopped to take a photo of one, with Jer standing in front. It was terribly hot so we didn't stay long!