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On Sunday, October 20 we took advantage of a very warm and sunny afternoon to take a bike trip to one last village for the season. Since we didn't have gas to spare for the car, we decided to take a photo tour around our own village of Mosonszentmiklós!





Left, our first photo was taken almost across the street from our house and it's the home of our neighbors whose daughter has a bicycle shop and son has his garage (so handy for us and he's a very good mechanic!); Center, the soccer field close to our house; Right, the turf roller next to the field, in front of a very pretty fall tree.





Left, across the street from the soccer field is this little florist shop. Because the custom here is for people to visit the cemetery regularly there is enough trade for more than one florist in our village; Center, out where Sport street comes out onto the main road from toward the soccer field we saw this bare walnut tree in front of the farm fields; Right, about a block along the main street is the cemetery. This shot was taken from the side street. There is a small chapel (where funerals are held) behind the trees. Funerals here are performed at the cemetery, they don't do those in a "funeral home" like they do in some countries.




Left, this house near the cemetery is one like ours, but someone with money has renovated it and added this really cool little wall decor! The framed part at  the bottom right of the photo is a close up; Right, back view of the primary school across from the yellow house, taken from the main street. The little wooden structure is made of willow, which in time will fill out and grow leaves.




Left across from the school is the Tramini Kisvendeglo, located in the lower part of this building. It is a pub which also serves food and hosts parties and receptions in a large room at the back; Right, a little further along main street is this savings bank. We don't have an account here but do use their cash machine sometimes.




Across the street from the savings bank is the main bus stop, where Józsi catches the bus in the mornings. Since we took these photos they have replaced the picnic tables with new ones and added a new wooden signboard for posters. It's a busy village!




Left, near the bus stop and close to the end of our street is this little garage store. They sell all sorts of convenience stuff plus baked goods and are always busy; Right, about a block further than the bus stop is the hardware store. It's not that big, but they do carry a lot of stuff that people living out away from town might need! We buy things there often.




Left, just beyond the hardware store and near the stork's nest is this florist shop; Right, our neighbor two doors down owns several butcher shops including this one in our village, close to the florist shop. We buy meat here often.





Left, across from the butcher shop is the village hall. This is where we often go for our picnics as you can watch both the side street and the main road from here; Center, looking across in front of the village hall to main street and the   Forrás grocery store where we often shop; Right, going along the back street we came to the old school that is now being used as a kitchen run by the mayor's office.




Further along the same street is the refurbished kindergarten. Here in Hungary kindergarten is for children aged 3-5 years and there are a lot of children that age in our village!; Right, next to the kindergarten was this fence full of very pretty yellow leaves!

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