Village Day 2013


On Saturday July 13 our village celebrated its annual Village Day. This event starts in the early afternoon and goes on until after midnight, with all sorts of entertainment, activities, and food. We enjoy it every year, and this year was no exception!





Left, arriving at the soccer field near our house; Center, Józsi taking a photo; Right, the first event of the day: the Horváth vs Varga families soccer match. It was fun to see guys of all ages playing.





Left, after the official opening speech for the day, our local brass band played, as is usual here; Center, there was the usual cook-off and we chose the hunters' venison stew, which was yummy; Right, one of many horse related wagons and carriages taking people for rides.





More horses... the people in the green shirts were from a riding club in this area and let people ride the horses in a circle. One of the horses got upset and threw its owner off before it started (they seemed to think it was a bee or something that upset it) but one of the leaders calmed it down and it was okay later. We felt sorry for the girl who got tossed off her horse, but she wasn't hurt except for a bruise on her arm.





Left, stopping to watch the guys helping to calm down the agitated horse; Center, lots of horse traffic; Right, the same pair of beautiful horses.





Left, you can see the saddle that was removed from the agitated horse. By this time it was calm and riding normally again; Center, a pony giving rides; Right, the Hungarian version of BBQ... whole chickens and ham hocks roasting! It smelled really good and they sold enough that they had to make several batches.





Left and center, the BBQ action as seen from the front; Right, some of the crowd.





Left, face painting is always popular with the kids; Center, more of the crowd, this was in front of the tent where the cook off was located; Right, the Balloon Clown.





Left, there was a display of old fashioned type wooden games and toys; Center, the fish pond. The fish had round cup hooks and the fishing poles had wooden rings on the end; Right, a wooden roundabout powered by a hand crank.





Left, the snail race game. The snails were on ropes which were pulled out and then people turned the cranks as fast as they could to see whose snail would come back first; Center, walnuts were dropped though the center of a piece of bamboo and the person with the mallet had to try to smash it; Right, the idea here was to use sticks to hit the chickens and try to get them into the basket on top.





Left, we had one of each of the BBQ... chicken for Jer, and ham hock for Józsi; Center, Józsi had to pop home just before the main concert started and he found Jer by looking for her hair; Right, all ages were enjoying the concert and this little boy was bopping around to the music with breaks now and then to grab for either Grandpa's hair, or Mom's hair.



Left, this was the main attraction this year, a very popular Hungarian band named Csík Zenekar. There was a very large crowd, many coming from nearby villages and cities. Right, this was the crowd after about 15 minutes after the show ended and people started drifting away.

If you'd like to read a bit about this band check THIS LINK.

If you'd like to listen to some of their songs to see what they sound like, click on THIS LINK.





Some shots of the older kids who performed traditional Hungarian dance. There were several age groups of children, and a group from a nearby village of adults doing Hungarian dance as well. We took some short videos and Józsi has edited them together and posted it on youtube. Click HERE to watch the video.



We left as it was getting dark (we had chickens back home that needed to be shut in for the night and both of us had sore feet) but there was music and dance and a lot of noise going on until the wee hours.