Village Day 2015


On Saturday July 12 our village celebrated its annual Village Day. This event starts in the early afternoon and goes on until well after midnight, with all sorts of entertainment, activities, and food. We enjoy it every year, and this year was no exception, although for various reasons we didn't get to spend as much time there as usual.




Left, as always there were carriage rides and lots of horse and pony related stuff; Right, vintage motorcycles and some  cars. (the white car was an old Skoda, and they were letting people drive it around a circle if they wanted to try it)








Left, András (the horse) and his owner Jenö giving horse rides to kids; Center, Jer spotted our friend Helga blowing bubbles; Right, Józsi and his gun table were popular the whole time he was there, both with kids and with adults.





Various food stands, selling kalács (a yummy kind of funnel cake), roasted chicken, and of course our friends from the Teke with their hot dog stand and other stuff.


Local people always make a lot of traditional Hungarian food, which is what we usually get.





Left, the main tent where a lot of people were sitting. This tent had the stage at the front, and a place selling beer and stuff at the back;  Center, our friends from the Teke; Right, a lady clown making balloon animals.






Far left, the other cop (also named Józsi, helping in an unofficial capacity) helping a local boy put on riot gear. He also showed him how it worked; Left, Józsi enjoying himself, as usual; Right, there are always various kinds of adults and kids checking out the guns and stuff; Far right, the two Józsi's goofing for the camera.





Left, our fire chief showing a little boy the big fire ax, and helping to hold his little train engine; Center, the same little boy checking out the carriage horses; Right, someone taking a drive with the old Skoda.




Local kids were dancing Hungarian folk dances while we were there, and Jer got lots of video footage of it, which you can watch HERE.








Far left, a boy having his face painted, Left, a girl having her face painted, Center, a very friendly and funny girl who was happy for Jer to take her photo; Right, that girl's younger brother who refused to have his photo taken when his sister had hers taken, but later was happy  to let Jer take it when his dad brought him over to try sitting in the police car; Far right, this cute little girl had a lot of fun trying out the police car, siren and lights and all!





Left, these three teenaged boys spent a lot of time at the gun table, trying stuff out and chatting with Józsi about various things, including online gaming; Center, Józsi in the police car with another cute little boy; Right, finally time to pack up the guns and have a bite to eat!



While we were getting ready to leave, we spotted a hot air balloon descending near the village. We have seen it before (last summer) but aren't sure who owns it or exactly where it lands. It was fun to spot it again, though.