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December 10, 2017

This week Józsi had to work on Monday, but took the rest of the week off. He had a chance to relax a bit, but got a few things done like getting a load of coal. Our week started out very cold, but warmed up and melted the snow off about mid week. We made a trip into town on Friday afternoon while the weather was not too cold, and ate at a restaurant we really like before doing our shopping. All in all, it was a good week!






These are photos from the previous week, before the snow, that didn't fit into last week's photos. Jer had gone on a very early morning walk and the sunrise was really pretty even if it was quite cold, and it made some very interesting shadows at the templom. The shadows are very different this time of year than they are in the summer.





This week started out being quite cold, and the snow was slow to melt off. Even Santa on his sled in front of the village hall was looking a bit chilly in the snow flurries when Jer snapped his photo on Monday morning.






On the previous night, the first Sunday of advent event at the templom, there was the usual crowd of people in attendance and Jer saw evidence of the crowd the next morning. Far left, some little girl lost her colorful headband with faces; Left, the electric candle advent wreath in front of the templom; Right, there were one or two big snowballs like this in the area as well; Far right, there were a number of places where mulled wine from the night before was spilled. Having attended this event a few times in previous years, we know how crowded it is and how easy it is to spill or drop things!




This is how our templom looks when it's dark, with pretty lights and the nativity lit up. It's always very pretty.





This week we got a load of coal, since Józsi was going to be home to shovel it right away; Center, one of our neighbors got a load of tree bark, maybe from the sawmill in our village; Right, on a sunny day this kitty likes to get some sun in the round window of our neighbors 3 doors down. It's often curled up in the bottom of the round part, but was busy washing its paw when Jer passed by on this morning.





On Friday we went to town to do some shopping and on the way we stopped by a restaurant we always enjoy to have some csülök. Yum! While we were in Tesco Jer found two fuzzy blankets on sale and we bought them. The red one she wanted because it's Christmasy and the other is for kitties to sleep on. (and they love it!)


December 3, 2017

This week the calendar turned to December, and cold and snow arrived here in Hungary. Jer decorated the house and put Christmas trees for both the cats and for us. On Thursday we woke up to snow and although some of it melted off later in that day, it turned quite cold after that and we have snow that has still on the ground. We also experienced the cool phenomenon known as snow fog this week, on Friday.






Far left and left, while out walking Jer noticed that several people in the village had put up climbing Santa decorations; Right, the village hay bale Santa decoration was also put up this week; Far right, the nativity scene decoration in front of the templom was also put up this week. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, as the song says!



This year Jer had an idea for her annual kitchen Christmas window, using strings of crystals from an old crystal chandelier that she's had in a box for some years. We bought a curtain rod at the hardware store in the village and Józsi put it up... and the next day Jer decorated. We both really love the result, it's so bright and sparkly!






This week Jer put up the Christmas tree in the kitchen first, as it's the one that is kitty safe. She had an audience of two kitties as she brought the Christmas stuff out, and our newest cat Missy supervised every step of the operation and did a quality control check at the end. It has only garland and strings of curling ribbon which the cats can pull off and drag away, they are easily picked up and put back on the tree. (and it does keep them from bothering our other tree so much!)





Left, the Christmas window and tree after everything was finished. We love it!; Center, we woke up on Thursday to snow on the ground and it snowed for some hours before finally stopping; Right, Józsi's footprints and bike tracks on the sidewalk after he left for the bus stop.






Far left, Jer working on the Christmas tree in our main room, which is right in front of her desk area; Left, the finished tree. It's a tree that was once a decoration in a flower shop and the reason that the branches start so high on the bottom is that Jer has the lower branches wrapped so they don't hang down, due to a house with 6 indoor cats. We made a new wooden base for it this year so it's very sturdy and has some spaces where kitties can nap and keep a few cat toys; Far right, Jer has an old sheet that she wraps the tree with at night, to keep pesky cats from climbing up the tree or knocking ornaments down. This is a trick she learned a few years back, and it works.






Far left, Józsi putting the first ornament on the Advent tree; Left, right, and far right: after the snow fog the next morning both the screens on the porch and many plants (and indeed even the snow on the ground!) had grown icy spikes. Weird, but pretty!




This weekend the guys closed up the paintball place for the winter. They removed the netting for the cold months, and played a little paintball themselves one last time for the season in the frosty cold.



This is Józsi's paintball mask and stuff, having been used one last time before winter break. In the spring, it will all begin again, though!


November 26, 2017

This week was fairly quiet. Our weather wasn't too bad for November, but the rest of the leaves finally have gone from the trees. The big event of the week was our Elvis making his first trip out of the house, to our vet in town, for a tooth cleaning and some antibiotics for his gum issues.






Far left, the house down our street where the old lady always has her little outside table area is now void of decorations; Left, the tree in the middle from last week that still had leaves lost them this week; Right, while we were out walking one day we spotted something furry next to the concrete fence bottom at the center of the village which at first glance looked like an animal, but turned out to be a collar lost from a coat (probably from one of the vendors that sell clothing at this spot each week); Far right, the area where the furry piece was spotted... with no more leaves on any trees now.





This week while Jer was out walking one day she saw a truck going by in the distance that looked like it had trees on the back so she went right up to the templom to see if they were putting up the annual Christmas trees... and they were! Definitely a sign of Christmas approaching!





Left, this week Józsi found a painting being put out for trash. It is a painting by Hungarian artist Eva Pinter, painted in 1983, and although it isn't really our style Jer put it on the wall in the back room where we have our craft materials and tools; Center, Missy has really made progress this week and has been making herself comfy on Józsi's lap at the computer; Right, after being skittish around Jer since the shelter people brought Missy fresh from being spayed a month ago, she finally allowed Jer to start picking her up. Yay!





This week Elvis made his first trip out of the house since he was a tiny kitten, and it was to go to town to have his teeth cleaned and get some antibiotics for his gum issues. He was very scared, but behaved very well and we are happy to report his teeth are nice and clean again and his gums are looking almost normal again already. What a good boy!




These are photos of a project Jer is going to work on in the coming week, involving her decorated window in the kitchen. A photo of the finished project will be posted next week!


November 19, 2017

This week started out cool, and we finally had some real frost a couple of nights before it warmed back up a bit. Jer did a lot of walking around the village, we went to town to shop, and we finished up the last of the winter weatherizing so we are ready for cold weather when it comes. Not a hugely busy week, but it was a good one.






Some random photos, taken before the weather turned cold... the three on the left were things Jer saw while walking on our street, and the two cute dogs at the fence were spotted  near the Teke Bar, where we sometimes eat.






This week we had several beautiful sunny days, and Jer was able to get out and walk and see some of the last of the colors. Near the templom was one tree that still had its bright yellow leaves even after the leaves had blown off all of its neighbors. They will be gone as well soon.






This week we finally had a real hard frost. Far left, the first frozen water dumped out of the chickens' bowl, Left and right, frosty plants in the back yard; and Far right, Jer's usual footwear for the yard, even in the frost: clogs and no socks!






Far left, frost on the porch roof; Left, the sunrise has moved over so far now that it comes up between the houses across the street; Right, our walnut tree has now lost all of its leaves; Far right, the flowers in front of the nursery school succumbed to the frost. Sad, but they'll be back next year.






More random photos: Far left, we went to town to shop and Joey bought Jer two pairs of Christmas slippers. Her computer area is full of Christmas stuff and she watches Christmas shows all year round so they will get a lot of use; Left, on the main street this cat was watching Jer closely when she walked by; Right, our outdoor cat Gracie has a foam insulated crate shelter out in the outside hallway but likes to come in the inner hallway as much as she can as well; Far right, while walking near the templom Jer spotted these balloons on the mail slot of a door along the street. No way to know what they were there for, maybe someone had a birthday or something, but it was a cheerful thing to see!


November 12, 2017

This week started off being nice for early November, but was cooler and rainy by the weekend. Jer had a chance to get out and walk in the village a number of times and took photos of the leaves before and after they fell, as well as many other things.






Far left, Józsi bottled up some of his pálinka to give as a gift to one of the mechanics that worked on our Lada last month; Left, Jer saw these lighted trees being sold by one of the vendors that sells items in the village center each week; Right, in honor of St. Martin's Day the Teke had goose dinners again, and they were yummy as usual!; Far right, the extended warm weather has meant that Jer's lavender plants are still blooming! This bloom had a bee on it just after she took the shot.






This week Jer snapped these photos of animals along our street: two friendly kitties, a turkey and a goat.






This week Jer was noticing textures around the village, here are a few of them. Far left, a rusting metal gate; Left, flaking paint along the bottom of a concrete fence; Right, a pebbled concrete tile at the bottom of a fence; Far right, the edge of a wall made from the kind of bricks with spaces in them.






More textures: Left, cracked paint on a painted metal fence; Left, autumn leaves of various kinds and colors; Right, leaf and evergreen debris near the templom; Far right, a glimpse of leaves through the space in a concrete fence.






This week started out warmish with the leaves finally having some bright colors, but by the weekend we'd had some windy rain so most of the leaves were blown off. Far left and left, before and after photos of the same tree in the center of the village; Right, the trees near the nursery school finally lost their leaves this week; the little horse at the end of the line of trees looked very sweet surrounded by pretty yellow leaves.


November 5, 2017

This week our weather was seasonable, and we had our first frost, although it was the kind that only affected surfaces like the car and not plants. (It's bizarre, but Jer still has lavender plants that are blooming!) This week the new kitty started getting used to being in her new home, but it will be a slow process; and it was All Saints Day again, and we visited the cemeteries in town that evening as we always do.






Random photos: Far left, Józsi brought these Hello Kitty items home for Jer from his week at the Serbian border. (a discount store there); Left, the antenna on the Lada was all frosty one morning; Right, we have made a sanctuary place for the new kitty (who we have named Missy, short for MissHissy) in the bathtub room and one morning we opened the door and found her relaxing in the sink. It's a start; Far right, one day we were in the next village to do some grocery shopping and noticed that the sky was very blue and the trees looking very autumn-like at the templom.






More random photos: Far left and left, carved pumpkins in the village. They don't celebrate Halloween here but know of it from movies and tv, and in recent years we see more and more pumpkins carved into jack o' lanterns; Right, in the grocery store in the next village they had Halloween candy that was actually made in Hungary, and a lot of Christmas related candy as well; Far right, lots of Christmas candy, mainly related to St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas's Day is early in December and it is celebrated by children getting gifts and candy.







This week was All Saint's Day, and as we always do, we went to town to visit the graves of Józsi's grandparents. This year Jer also brought candles to leave at the monument where people leave candles in remembrance of any person(s) they want to remember who do not have a grave in that cemetery. Far left is the grave of his paternal grandparents, and the wooden grave markers were carved by his dad and far right is the grave of his maternal grandparents. We left candles at both of them, as we always do.





This was as good as the fall colors got this year since it's been so warm and no frost of any sort until Halloween. (and then it was just cold enough to frost on the car and stuff, but not any plants or on the grass) The yellow trees and blue skies were very pretty, though!


October 29, 2017

This week Józsi was away at the Serbian border all week long (until Sunday, the day of this update). Our weather went back and forth all week from sunshine to rain, but we have never had a frost yet. Jer managed to get out and walk and take some photos this week in the village showing the progress of the seasons.






This week we had a lot of rainy and windy days, which started bringing leaves down from the trees. Oh, and Jer took a photo of her feet, showing what she usually wears to walk unless it's really cold... clogs!






Far left, after a very rainy and soggy day we had a nice sunny day and Jer went out early to walk; Left, though it was sunny, there were plenty of puddles!; Right, for once, Jer wore tennis shoes instead of her usual clogs; Far right, the trees near the pre-school have started to lose a lot of their leaves.






This week's random photos: Far left, one morning Jer noticed the windows of an old house in process of being demolished had fogged up windows; Left, fall color near the mayor's office, Right, down our street an old lady had this pretty outdoor setting for table and chairs; Far right, Halloween decor outside the mayor's office.





This week's cat stuff: Left, down the street Jer noticed cat prints on someone's gate; Center, DeeDee relaxing in slimming poses with a citrus plant in our hallway; Right, we took in a new kitty this week. Since Józsi was away for the week at the border to Serbia the shelter picked up the kitty from the vet's office where she had been spayed and brought her out to us. She looks very like our ZuZu, but with bigger eyes.





This week Józsi was at the border to Serbia all week. Left, a view of the road between the two fences; Center, there was a black kitten who was being fed in the area and Józsi called the local animal shelter about it. They found someone who wanted to take her in... yay!; Right, the kitty after having been captured. Not a happy camper at the time (bit Józsi's thumb to the bone while being caught and put in a carrier), but we have heard from the new owner that she is settling in nicely.


Jer adds new pics here every Sunday night, or Monday morning at the latest.