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March 18, 2018

This week we had warmer temperatures for some days at the beginning of the week, but on the weekend cold air returned and we even got more snow. Boo! There was a national holiday on Thursday and Friday and Józsi finally took time to clean out and rearrange his end of the back room, with great results! By Saturday the temperatures started to fall and we awoke early Sunday morning to snowfall. Thankfully the snow already started to melt off by later in the day, although it will take another day or two for it to melt off completely. We're ready for spring!






Far left, the early part of the week was warm and sunny enough to dry laundry outside again; Left, Gracie taking advantage of the warm sun inside the porch to take a nap; Right, the little herb garden next to the porch has started to green up; Far right, one day Jer was at the catio window and saw a tomcat on the woodpile next to the catio sniffing and then preparing to spray the woodpile! She rapped on the window and scared him off and then went out and used several things with chicken wire that we had sitting around  to make a temporary end to the wood storage so no more cats can go in there.





This week we had a day that was very changeable weather. The two photos of the cloudy and the sunny sky out of our front window were taken just a few seconds apart, one to the left and the other to the right of our house; While out walking one day we noticed that the old school building that is now used as a kitchen (for the local daycare, the 1-8th grade school, and for senior citizens) was starting to be worked on. They had been adding some seriously thick insulation in this photo.






This week Józsi brought home some paintball guns from the Yeti Paintball range to clean, as no one had cleaned them out when they closed the season last year. Far left, one gun had a lot of yellow paint even on the outside; Left, a photo of one barrel before he cleaned it... yuck!; Right, a photo of a clean barrel; Far right, a corner of our kitchen with some of Jer's art and craft work was serving double duty as a paintball gun drying area. That's just how we roll in our house!






This week there was a two day national holiday on Thursday and Friday, and Jer insisted it was time for Józsi to get busy tidying up his very cluttered work space in the back room. (Jer's side of this room was already tidy) As you can see, it was a mess!; Left, starting to remove and bag up items that could be disposed of; Right, a bag with nothing but busted computer related parts that were more than he'd ever need; Far right, he turned the shelves on their side to make another work surface as well as lighten up the room. It was a lot of work sorting through all of the small stuff and putting things into separate containers but he kept on until it was done.





Left, after two days of work, Józsi's end of the back room was nicely sorted out and a whole lot lighter! Well done, Józsi!; Center, he had brought home some boxes that could either be used for storing stuff or be burned, but in the short run they were set on the floor for the cats to mess with. All 6 of them took turns jumping in and out of the boxes for a while; Józsi had to work 6am-6pm shifts at the police both Saturday and Sunday. The expected low temperatures thankfully were not nearly as bad as had been predicted, but we did wake up to snow on Sunday morning.




This was the view at the train station at 5am... not too busy, as you can see!; Right, Jer of course had to take care of the chickens and as usual... in her pair of work clogs.





Left, Jer's little herb garden next to the porch was all snowy; Center, since we removed the plastic sheeting from the back room window a week ago, the aluminum frame caused a lot of condensation which Jer had to clean off. (this is why she tried putting painter's plastic over the outside of the window this year, and it worked very well) Right, by the end of Sunday afternoon the snow had melted quite a bit, at least in the front of the yard. Hopefully it will be all gone again soon!


March 11, 2018

This week we started with more snow, but it didn't last and melted away quickly. All week it was warming up day by day, and by the weekend it was warm enough to open the window to the catio for the kitties! We got another load of firewood, and walked in the village a couple of times. Warming up made it a very good week!





This week started with... snow! Thankfully it melted off by afternoon. Right, the size of the snow pile (from snow tossed out of the driveway from previous snows) already starting to be much smaller.





This week we got another load of wood. Jer felt good enough to move it all herself into the storage area behind the house and let the chickens peck around the place where it had been.






This week our temperatures began to warm up, and the sun is on the move. Far left, Gracie enjoying sun on the porch; Left, by the weekend Jer was able to wash loads of laundry both days and dry them outside. Yay!; Right, a mysterious shadow in the window as the sun was coming up... yes, it was one of the kitties!; Far right, the sun is now coming up between the houses across the street. This also happens in October, with the sun moving the opposite direction.





This week it was finally warm enough a couple of days to open up the catio at the back of the house for a while and the kitties were really enjoying themselves, including our most recent cat, Missy. We are planning a bit of an extension to the catio this summer, to give them a bit more of a view of the backyard.






This weekend it was warm enough to get out and walk, and Józsi went out with just a shirt!; Left, while passing by the old school which now serves as a kitchen for the nursery school, the elementary-junior high school, and senior citizens, we noticed that they are doing some updating to the outside of the building. Yay!; Right, while walking on a street near us we spotted some tulips in bud; Far right, after we came home from our walk, this was the size of the snow pile at the fire pit. By the time the sun was going down, there was not much left of it. Good!






These shots were all taken in our yard today (Sunday). Far left, snowdrops finally in bloom!; Left, daffodils at last starting to grow. (where these flowers grow is in the shade, so they always bloom later than where they grow in the sun); Right, Jer took an hour to trim back not only the raspberries near our porch (they had berries late last fall, and by the time they stopped it had suddenly gotten cold so they didn't get trimmed back at the normal time). Also there was an old sage plant near the porch that was quite old that needed to come out, and Jer worked on that too; Far right, she got all the raspberries cut back and all but the root of the sage plant out, but the stump of it will have to be hacked out another day. Hooray for spring!


March 4, 2018

This week the predicted very cold spell did happen, and on the coldest day we reached -15c/5f. We were prepared, and although we used up more wood and coal than we would have liked, we stayed warm. By the weekend, the temperatures were beginning to rise and we were able to go out for a walk on Sunday, even though the wind was cold! Much warmer temperatures on they way for the coming week.





This week we prepared Gracie (our outdoor kitty, who sleeps in the hallway in cold weather) a warmer box to sleep in. It was made from two cardboard boxes, a smaller one inside a larger one, with foam pieces between, and covered with several layers of blanket and topped with a warm rug. She stayed nice and cozy in it. Jer also had the idea to use some of the pieces of foam insulation in front of the windows of the hallway, which are old aluminum ones and get VERY cold in winter. Having the foam pieces up against them inside at night did keep it much warmer in the hallway, so it was a good idea!





This week it got colder and snowed a bit. The chickens were not happy, and the cold and snow kept freezing up their water bowl so Jer went out several times during the day to dump the ice and put fresh water in.






The coldest day was really cold (-15c/5f) and all the snow that had been melting the previous day froze up. Kitties were out making tracks as usual, though.





On Saturday we took time to take apart some of the framework of what we built back around Jer's desk back when we first got our most recent rescue cat, Missy. Jer liked that it keeps the cats from jumping over onto her desk and knocking stuff over so we kept the long part, and just removed the side. We left the chicken wire in what we kept until we come up with something that looks better, as Jer is used to it by now. On Sunday Jer had the idea to add a couple more pieces of the rough wood slats we used to make the end more like a post, as the kitties all like to sharpen their claws on the end. (and it made it more sturdy as well) In case anyone wonders what is on Jer's computer screen, she was playing an old version of Lineage2 on a server that we found this last week.





This weekend it started to warm up and at least got slightly above freezing by Sunday so we could get out and walk, even though the wind was still cold. The snowman family near the templom was still there, but had obviously suffered some melting! Jer was surprised to find her rosemary plant had survived the cold, the only reason she could think of was the fact that we closed in the porch and that it kept it warm enough not to freeze! On Sunday the chickens' water bowl didn't freeze up, and some of the frozen contents from previous days began to melt a bit.




Today (Sunday) we went out for a walk and several people we passed commented on Jer wearing clogs (usually seen as shoes for in the house). Jer is used to wearing them all year as long as the snow isn't so deep to get her feet wet. Right, the house now stays in the sun all day... yay!


February 25, 2018

This week started off all right, sunny and not very cold on Monday when Józsi took the day off. From Tuesday on there was snow for several days (that mostly melted) and by the weekend it had turned cold. We were just glad that the snow we had was mostly melting as it fell before the temperatures turned really cold.





Left, on Monday it was sunny and warm enough for a walk in the village and we saw that the guys who work for the village were cutting down some of the big trees near the bus stop; Center, around the corner from us we passed this friendly male kitty sunning himself on the windowsill; Right, just beyond the kitty there were chickens running around outside their yard. (as usual!)






Far left, in front of the house where the chickens live it was quite a muddy mess!; Left, the sun continues to show itself more on the side of our house. Come on, spring!; Right, Monday afternoon a lot of the yard was melted through but we knew that snow was coming; Tuesday morning when Józsi went to work we saw that the snow had already started. (the temperatures were close to freezing so much of the snow melted off)





Left, one evening (after a snowy day) when Jer went out to open the gate for Józsi (coming home from work) she saw that some of the solar lamps were still working (some will need to be replaced) and looked very pretty in the snow; Center, one day Jer noticed that our newest kitty Missy and Zuzu were both laying together on the radiator. This was a first!; Right, on Saturday it turned colder although there wasn't much snow that had survived. We were glad because a very cold spell was supposed to follow!




This week we saw a couple of houses in the village with snowmen. The one on the left had plastic containers for plants as eyes and buttons, and Right, this snowman family is near the templom and had looked better but by the time we could take a photo it had melted a bit. Still fun to see, though!






This weekend we went to the next village for a bit of shopping and while at the templom (for Pokemon Go stuff) we saw some girls walking by with horses. Back at our village we noticed how bright the sun looked behind the trees by our own templom, and since there was a special Pokemon Go event going on we stayed at the templom in our car for a while and got pizza from the nearby Teke restaurant for lunch. What started as a kind of boring day turned out to have some fun stuff going on as well!


February 18, 2018

This week we started and ended the week with snow, but most of the week wasn't too cold and the snow we had mostly melted off. A cold spell and some snowy days are expected the coming week, so next week's photos might be about snow and ice. We had a nice Valentine's Day, were able to get out and walk on the weekend, and Józsi worked an overnight shift on Saturday night.




Left, this week our first snow was one with huge snowflakes. It was pretty to watch but it only was an inch or two of snow, and that mostly melted off by the end of the day. Right, Jer changed the kitchen window from the Christmas theme to a Valentine's Day theme.





Left, on Valentine's Day Józsi stopped at a florist in the village and got Jer a rose; This week in his shopping at the big Tesco store in town he also picked up a kitty with a heart kitchen towel and a nice new knife sharpener.





This week while shopping at the CBA grocery in the next village we saw that Easter candy and stuff is already on sale.




More signs that spring is not far off, onion sets for people's vegetable gardens. Jer bought 3 packs of seeds. She needs to replace her old lavender plants (which she also grew from seeds some years back) and some of her sage plants have gotten large and woody so those will removed and seeds put in for some new ones. She uses a lot of sage, especially in winter cooking. She also will plant some dill.






Far left, this week Jer decided to make some new pillowcases and used one of our old ones as the pattern. She mostly likes to make her own curtains and pillowcases when she can; Left, Józsi bringing in more firewood for the weekend; Right, the apple tree had loads of apples on it until the last week or two, when flocks of birds have been eating them; Far right, there are only a few apples left on the tree and they are mostly eaten. There are still some apples on the ground for the chickens and other birds, though.





Saturday night Józsi worked an overnight shift and it was raining in the evening. When he arrived home the next morning (about 7am) there was snow! It was close to freezing point and there was a lot of melting during the day while the sun was out, but it didn't get rid of all the snow in the yard. At least the streets and sidewalks are snow free.


February 11, 2018

This week it was seasonably cold, and we had snow several times. (Both times happened in the morning so Jer had to shovel it, as Józsi was at work.) We made a quick trip to town for the monthly shopping on Friday, and by the weekend the weather was good enough (although only a bit above freezing) that we were able to walk on both Saturday and Sunday.




On Monday morning we awoke to some serious frost!






This week we also had snow several times, starting with Wednesday morning. Jer had plenty to shovel during the day while Józsi was away at work... the sidewalk and driveway out front, and a path back to the hen house.





The snow was pretty deep, but it started to melt off later in the day. The next morning it snowed again, and then began to melt off. Jer shoveled off the driveway and part of the backyard so it would be less soggy on Saturday morning when we were having a load of coal delivered.





On Saturday morning we got a load of coal, which Józsi shoveled into the coal shed. It was a little bit wet, but since we use it on top of a wood fire the fact that it burns a bit slower is actually good!





This weekend we didn't have any more snow and we were able to take a couple of walks in the village. Left, near the nursery school someone had obviously taken their child sledding; Center, a sunny spot on snow at a bike rack on the next street; Right, the sun is rising higher in the sky and more and more of the house stays in the sun in the afternoons. We are always so happy to have light back on the house after weeks of it being in the shade of the two houses next door in mid-winter.


Jer adds new pics here every Sunday night, or Monday morning at the latest.