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February 18, 2018

This week we started and ended the week with snow, but most of the week wasn't too cold and the snow we had mostly melted off. A cold spell and some snowy days are expected the coming week, so next week's photos might be about snow and ice. We had a nice Valentine's Day, were able to get out and walk on the weekend, and Józsi worked an overnight shift on Saturday night.




Left, this week our first snow was one with huge snowflakes. It was pretty to watch but it only was an inch or two of snow, and that mostly melted off by the end of the day. Right, Jer changed the kitchen window from the Christmas theme to a Valentine's Day theme.





Left, on Valentine's Day Józsi stopped at a florist in the village and got Jer a rose; This week in his shopping at the big Tesco store in town he also picked up a kitty with a heart kitchen towel and a nice new knife sharpener.





This week while shopping at the CBA grocery in the next village we saw that Easter candy and stuff is already on sale.




More signs that spring is not far off, onion sets for people's vegetable gardens. Jer bought 3 packs of seeds. She needs to replace her old lavender plants (which she also grew from seeds some years back) and some of her sage plants have gotten large and woody so those will removed and seeds put in for some new ones. She uses a lot of sage, especially in winter cooking. She also will plant some dill.






Far left, this week Jer decided to make some new pillowcases and used one of our old ones as the pattern. She mostly likes to make her own curtains and pillowcases when she can; Left, Józsi bringing in more firewood for the weekend; Right, the apple tree had loads of apples on it until the last week or two, when flocks of birds have been eating them; Far right, there are only a few apples left on the tree and they are mostly eaten. There are still some apples on the ground for the chickens and other birds, though.





Saturday night Józsi worked an overnight shift and it was raining in the evening. When he arrived home the next morning (about 7am) there was snow! It was close to freezing point and there was a lot of melting during the day while the sun was out, but it didn't get rid of all the snow in the yard. At least the streets and sidewalks are snow free.


February 11, 2018

This week it was seasonably cold, and we had snow several times. (Both times happened in the morning so Jer had to shovel it, as Józsi was at work.) We made a quick trip to town for the monthly shopping on Friday, and by the weekend the weather was good enough (although only a bit above freezing) that we were able to walk on both Saturday and Sunday.




On Monday morning we awoke to some serious frost!






This week we also had snow several times, starting with Wednesday morning. Jer had plenty to shovel during the day while Józsi was away at work... the sidewalk and driveway out front, and a path back to the hen house.





The snow was pretty deep, but it started to melt off later in the day. The next morning it snowed again, and then began to melt off. Jer shoveled off the driveway and part of the backyard so it would be less soggy on Saturday morning when we were having a load of coal delivered.





On Saturday morning we got a load of coal, which Józsi shoveled into the coal shed. It was a little bit wet, but since we use it on top of a wood fire the fact that it burns a bit slower is actually good!





This weekend we didn't have any more snow and we were able to take a couple of walks in the village. Left, near the nursery school someone had obviously taken their child sledding; Center, a sunny spot on snow at a bike rack on the next street; Right, the sun is rising higher in the sky and more and more of the house stays in the sun in the afternoons. We are always so happy to have light back on the house after weeks of it being in the shade of the two houses next door in mid-winter.


February 4, 2018

This week our weather changed back to more normal temperatures for the time of year, although they never were colder than just about the freezing mark. Józsi took Monday off (since he had worked an overnight shift on Saturday) and we took a walk. We got a load of wood at the end of the week, which Jer stacked herself as we were expecting rain.






Monday was a warm and very sunny day, and Jer snapped some shots of pretty textures near our outside door. (the door to the outer hallway)






Also on Monday, we went for a walk. The templom looked beautiful with the bright blue sky. While we were out, we stopped by the little hardware store near our house to buy a replacement faucet cartridge. A couple of months ago we bought a brand new faucet, but when Józsi tried to install it he found that the faucet was not exactly the same size as the pipes coming out of the wall and it couldn't be installed without leaking. (or chipping out the wall and messing with the pipes) We are going to buy a different faucet that will fit, and sell the one we bought. (We hate to do it as it was a pretty retro one, but we don't want to have to tear into the wall to make it work!)




Still Monday, and the old house on the pass through that is the same kind as our house has been having more demolition done. Sad, but it was empty for years and was obviously too damaged to fix. Just at the end of the path where it comes out on the cross street is another old house which had been added onto in times past, but not really updated lately. The owner died last year and it was sold, and they already have removed all of the big trees and have lots of building materials in the yard. We'll post updates on this house as we see them.




Left, the remains of an old house like ours that was torn down a couple of years ago. The adobe bricks have already almost melted into dirt; Right, a photo we took of this house about 5 years ago, before it was demolished. Sad to see them torn down, but when they are derelict they can be very dangerous.






This week we ordered a load of wood on Thursday, as it was supposed to be rainy starting on Thursday night. It was decided in the afternoon so Jer had to fire up the Lada and move it to the backyard and direct the driver where to dump the wood. After he left she started to just tidy up the pile to cover with a tarp and then thought if she had to touch the wood, she might as well take those pieces to the wood storage. In the end, she took the whole pile! It was good exercise, and it did rain later in the evening so it was good to have it all out of the way.





After Jer moved all that wood she was tired, so we decided to go to the TEKE to eat, since it was half price night. We got lucky and also got to watch some guys bowling on the newly refurbished lanes; Center, Józsi doing some drawing for a project he's been working on for a couple of years; Right, the sun is shining lower and lower on the side of the house during the day. Yay!


January 28, 2018

This week our weather was still pretty warm for January, although we did get some snow one day. Jer had to deal with some mold issues in our front room, she also took the main Christmas tree down, and Józsi had to work an overnight shift on Saturday. In the main it was a pretty quiet week.






Far left, we got a package we had been waiting for this week, some Plaque Off for the kitties. As usual, Jer had to try several times to get her signature to show up on the gadget of the particular courier who brought it but at least the guy was expecting it so it was a good laugh; Left and right, while shopping in the CBA in the next village Jer spotted both vegetable and flower seeds already out for sale. Spring can't be too awfully far off!; Far right, Jer took down the main Christmas tree which was in front of her computer desk, but noticed that evening that the lights from the tree that she had just left hanging on the screen behind her desk were showing up as a reflection in the tv screen and they looked like a Christmas tree. Perfect! (she leaves a lot of Christmas stuff in her desk area all year round, but the other decorations will be coming down this coming week)





This week on a day Jer was really not wanting to do any heavy work, she noticed there was mold growing in the front left corner of our main room, where the gutter spout still has to drain out onto the sidewalk, which has cracks that let water seep back into our front wall. (the sidewalk has been raised over the years so our front room is at least 8-10 inches lower than the sidewalk) The water also crumbled the base of the wall again. She moved the dresser to another part of the room, got rid of the mold and scraped out all the loose stuff from the wall, but nothing more an be done until it warms up and Józsi can finally run a drain in the sidewalk and dig out in front of the house and put a vapor barrier against the house wall and then put back a new concrete ledge to direct water away from the house.






One morning this week we woke up to wet snow, which continued through the afternoon before melting away. The chickens are not fans of snow, but at least it wasn't deep and didn't last long.




Left, another shot of the hanging Christmas lights reflecting in the tv (Jer was watching one her many versions of A Christmas Carol). They really make it look like the Christmas tree is still up. Yay!; Right, Elvis likes to keep Jer's computer desk chair warm for her when she gets up. He isn't always keen to move when she gets back, though!


January 21, 2018

This week our weather was good for January. Jer continues to feel under the weather so she didn't get out much to walk or take photos, but we did get out a time or two and went to town on Friday to do some shopping. Józsi also stayed home one day due to feeling sick (cold) but by this weekend he is back to normal.






Far left and left, one day we were out walking and we saw a cute puppy tied up while the owner was in the nursery school picking up their child; Right and far right, this is the way Jer (and most people here in Hungary) dries laundry in the winter. Sometimes the first part can be done outside on the screened porch, but most of the drying happens on the radiators.






On Friday we went to town to shop. We went to our usual stores, including LIDL, and the weather and sky was very nice for January!; We also stopped by next to the police department where Józsi works and Jer snapped a photo of her favorite of the old apartment buildings that had murals painted on them a few years ago; Far right, on the way home we turned off the highway and Jer snapped this photo of an old abandoned truck stop on the old highway not too far from our village.






We also stopped in the next village before going home, and the templom there looked very pretty in the late afternoon light; Right and far right, while shopping we bought a number of big plastic tubs to store our stuff. Józsi got 3 for his back room workshop, and Jer got one for her sewing/mending stuff.





This weekend we had to bring in the week's worth of wood. Our supply is running low now and we'll have to buy more after the first of the month, when Józsi gets paid. (a lot of people here are like us, getting paid once a month) We're just really glad this has been a mild winter so far! (last winter was awfully cold by comparison)





Left, since there were walnuts left from last fall, Jer cracks some open for the chickens every few days. They love them!; Center, after we were done bringing in wood for the week, Józsi needed to put the plastic flashing back around the chimney, which had blown off sometime recently on a windy day. You can see him making himself seen up near the chimney when he was successful; Right, bringing the aluminum ladder back down from the attic.

January 14, 2018

This week we had continued warmer than normal temperatures for the time of year, although we did have a bit of snow on Sunday morning. Józsi took our cat Zuzu back to the vet to have the teeth removed that were bothering her, and we made a bit of change in the kitchen once Jer got the kitties' Christmas tree taken down.





This week's random photos: Left, since our weather has been warm for January, Jer's hens have started laying eggs again after several months with no eggs; Center, Józsi found this Star Wars themed milk on sale at the big Tesco store in town; and Right, Jer gave Józsi this hip flask for Christmas, and this week he had someone he knows engrave something inspired by an old C64 game on it. (the pixelated monster is from an 80s game called Wizard of Wor and the Hungarian word for plum is "szilva" - the lettering is a mashup of the two, he is going to keep plum pálinka in it)




This week Zuzu was able to get back in to the vet in town. Left, in her carrier... not feeling too happy; Right, shortly after her shot as she was going to sleep. Inset is a photo of the three teeth she needed to have removed. The two small ones were the ones planned, but while the vet was working on the one he found that the root of the big tooth next to it was almost completely gone so he removed that as well. She has recovered nicely and is back to her old self and eating normally again.





This weekend Jer had an idea for the kitchen that she asked Józsi to do for her. For several years we have had a pair of cabinet doors with cathedral glass that came from an old wall unit his dad had made years ago but had been reduced down in size. Jer hadn't been able to think where we could use them, but while taking down the kitties' Christmas tree she suddenly realized that they might fit over the bottom of the original old windows in our kitchen that have no real view anyway... and they were just the right size! Now the window has a more private feel, kind of like a cozy old fashioned inn. We love them!





This morning (Sunday Jan. 18th) we woke up to wet snow falling. It was the first real snow we had for some time, since back at the end of November. A lot of it melted as it fell, and almost all melted by the end of the day but it was kind of nice to have snow but the roads staying clear. Oh, and because last winter was so cold Jer lost her previous rosemary plant but the replacement is doing fine this year. Hopefully our warmer than normal winter will continue.






Far left, all of the shovels full of sand and gravel mix that Jer had been putting on the mud in front of our porch step the past week or two worked just fine to make a solid place to step off onto the driveway. Yay!; Left, the water that had been left in the chickens' bowl overnight wasn't frozen but the rim was covered with lacy snowflakes; Right, the hens preferred to stay under their covered area; Far right, big snowflakes on the fence of the chicken's yard. Jer always loves to see the big lacy kind of snowflakes so she was happy, even if it made her morning job of feeding and cleaning up after the chickens a bit more work.





Left, since it had been above freezing for some days the concrete path in front of the coal shed didn't have to be swept or shoveled. Another yay!; Center, Jer snapped a shot through one of the stars in the fence of the snow on the ground but not on the street or sidewalk, just as someone came by on a bike... a very common form of transportation here, even in cold weather; Right, the apples that are still on the tree in the back all were snow covered.


January 7, 2018

This week we celebrated the ringing in of the new year by eating at home and going to the street to toast with our neighbors at midnight, like we always do. The weather warmed up and we even had a day where it reached almost 60 degrees Fahrenheit! It was mostly a quiet week, but at least the weather allowed us to get out and do some things we aren't always able to do in January. A good week!



This week Józsi snapped this photo of beautiful clouds as he was getting to work at the police department in town.





Far left, Jer was happy to see another of these kind of sunrises this week as Józsi was going out to catch the bus in the morning; Left, one day we had some excitement in the village. There were some criminals on the run in a car and the local cops were able to catch them at this corner in the village  just before Jer passed by there on her walk. Well done, guys!; Right, the sun is slowing climbing in the sky now and the sun now reaching below the roofline in the afternoon again; Far right, the day it was almost 60 degrees Jer took the opportunity to wash a rug and let it get mostly dry out on the porch. When you don't have an automatic clothes dryer (and few people here have one) you take every chance to let stuff dry outside a bit during the day.






This weekend we went to get some chicken feed in the next village, and brought some tinned food and some worm medicine for the old lady's nice kitty who we had noticed the previous time we were there had the symptoms of having worms. (as outdoor cats do) She was very appreciative and since we get it in bulk for our cats, we were happy to share some with her friendly little guy.






Far left, some of the animal related stuff she also sells besides food; Left, her cool old vintage scale; Right and far right, the old house that homeless guys were going into and had the roof removed a month or two ago was having more demolition done in the warm weather. Windows are gone, and they are working on dismantling the walls now.





This weekend Józsi had some work to do. First thing was to fix a few things on our old Lada, at least temporary fixes until we can get a different carburetor. One good thing about Ladas is they are very basic, with less stuff that can go wrong and simpler to fix when it does. Like Jer, he was working outside with no socks but where Jer wears clogs and no socks, Józsi was wearing flip flops with no socks! On Sunday he also split some wood to refill the furnace room at the back of the house.





This week's kitty photos: Left, Missy continues to be more and more at ease with both us and the other cats, here she is relaxing with Elvis on the warm radiator at the front window; Center, Elvis on the bathroom radiator and our goofy Zuzu in one of her favorite places: the bathroom sink!; Right, Elvis, one of the black kitty sisters, Dora, and Zuzu sleeping next to Józsi on a weekend morning after they had their breakfast.




This weekend Jer went out on the very warm and sunny Saturday afternoon for a bit of a walk and came across two things, one sad and one happy/funny. As she was crossing the street a few houses down she noticed there was a funeral at the cemetery and there was quite a large crowd. She saw a lot of people we know but she didn't recognize the name of the person whose funeral it was. That is not unusual as mostly we know people from having seen them around a lot and often we don't even know their first name, much less their whole name; Right, on the way back Jer saw this company car and very probably the driver didn't even know what it meant, but what was written on the back made her smile. Only one block down some very drunk guy with a bike started trying to talk to her and then to follow her, but she got home fine. (a man who can barely stand up wasn't going to be able to catch up to her, and she always carries pepper spray in her pocket just in case of a weird person or mean dog)


Jer adds new pics here every Sunday night, or Monday morning at the latest.