Traditional Arts and Crafts

of Hungary

In this section, we will touch on just a few of the colorful Hungarian arts and handicrafts that are traditional. For Hungary's small size, there is an amazing difference in the style of such things as embroidery from one area or county to another! The most colorful and elaborate designs tend to come from the eastern side (especially over the border in Transylvania which was part of Hungary until it was taken from them in the Triannon treaty in 1920. Because those people are still ethnically Hungarian and still consider themselves to be Hungarian, we will include some of their traditional arts and crafts as well). Also included here are other arts and crafts such as carved and/or painted grave markers.


Embroidery in Hungary

Most Hungarian embroidery is done on linen. Although decorative embroidery has a very old history, the popular and colorful Kalocsa embroidery of the northern part of Hungary first appeared in the early part of the 1900s. This type of embroidery is very similar in looks to the folk-painting done in the same region. Here are a few examples of some of the many kinds of Hungarian embroidery!

Click here to see the Kalocsa style of embroidery and wall painting



Here are some examples of  Halas  lace:





Here are some examples of Hungarian folks pottery from several regions where ethnic Hungarians live:






Click here to see the carved grave markers !


Click here to see the amazing artistry of the  Kalataszeg region of Transylvania!

More Embroidery!!

embroidered felt shepherd's cloaks

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wool embroidery

making lace

making lace
with a "csipkeveres"

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examples of Matyó embroidery

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examples of Sárközi embroidery

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Hungarian Painted Furniture




etched gourd

"kulacs" - canteen