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Monday May 20, 2013 Hungary celebrated the holiday of Pünkösd hétfő (Pentecost or Ascension Monday) and because it was a national holiday Józsi had the day off. Since it was a nice sunny day, we decided to ride our bikes over to the neighboring village of Lébény and take a lot of photos of the many interesting places there.




Left, starting out on the bike path between our village and nearby Lébény, 1 kilometer away; Right, about halfway along is the water treatment plant for the 2 villages.




Left, across the road from the water treatment plant is a very large hydroponic greenhouse for growing salad type tomatoes; Right, on the main street in Lébény is this old house with a thatched roof.




Left, an old house on the main street in Lébény; Right, another old house on the main street in Lébény. This one has had some additions and has been completely renovated.




Left, a pub on the main street in Lébény that's in an old house of the same sort our house is; Right, the school for young children in Lébény, on the main street. It was expanded and renovated a couple of years ago with EU grant money.




Left, the remodeled pharmacy on main street in Lébény; Right, almost across the street is the CBA grocery store that we often shop in.




Left, on the corner across from the CBA store is this Forrás grocery store. We also have a Forrás store in our own village where we shop sometimes, but we've never been in this one; Right, our neighbor's butcher shop in Lébény. He also has one in our village and in the city of Mosonmagyaróvár.




Left, the bank on main street in Lébény; Right, across from the bank is a wooded lot with a statue of a saint... split shot, looking from both sides of the street.





Left, the statue of Saint Erzsebet (1207-1231 and patron saint of hospitals, nurses, bakers, brides, countesses, dying children, exiles, homeless people, lace-makers, and widows!), across from the bank; Center, a close up of the statue, and the lettering below. If you'd like to read more about her, click on THIS LINK; Right, the sidewalk from the main street leading to Lébény's templom (Roman Catholic church) Szent Jakob's. If you look closely you can see that there is a pub about halfway along. A pub being very close to a church is not at all uncommon here in Hungary.




Left, Szent Jakob's templom seen from the back side; Right, the front of the church above the door. The building of this templom was begun in 1208 and it was originally a Benedictine monastery. This building underwent a major restoration just a few years ago.





Left, Szent Jakob's templom from the front, the lower section including the door; Center, close up of the main entry door; Right, Statue in front of the templom (in front of the pub) of Szent Istvan Kiraly (Saint Stephen) the first Christian king of Hungary. B. 967, died 1038. You can read more about him HERE.




Left, templom side view; Right, the side door. The paper on the door tells what times there are services.




Left, taken from the side of the templom and looking out towards the main street (the pub is about halfway along the sidewalk); Right, Szent Jakob visitor center and the fountain just across from the side door.




Left, signs telling about the church and the visitor's center; Right, a public water tap across from the templom. All villages here have these free taps in several spots. (we have one across the street from our house)




Left, Lébény's post office, on the main street behind the back of the templom; Right, across the street from the post office is a stork's nest which had been empty the past couple of years, but which happily has a  nesting pair this year!


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